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Why Study at MSTU

1. Perfect career opportunities

MSTU has a 70-year experience in educating highly demanded professionals. Our graduates make on average 60-80,000 RUB/month during their first year at work.

70 000 graduates are employed by shipping companies and ship-repair yards, oil and gas and energy sector, research and educational institutions, federal and local authorities, banks and large companies in Russia and abroad.

2. Good choice of programmes

You can start your studies at 15 and earn any academic degree: undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate.

You can choose from more than a hundred engineering and technical, natural science and maritime academic programs as well as vocational training programs.

3. National Diplomas

All graduates receive national diplomas. Maritime degree graduates in addition receive International Maritime Organisation recognised diplomas which open the way to being crewmembers aboard Russian and international ships.

4. Respectable scholarships

MSTU students earn state academic scholarship ranging from 6 440 RUB to 23,000 RUB, active and talented students are rewarded with a merit 90,000 RUB scholarship.

Students and adets can be awarded with academic, merit, the Scientific Council of MSTU, Presidential and Government scholarships for academic performance and achievements, and bursaries on the basis of financial need.

MSTU cadets also get additional wages during internship at sea.

5. Student Life

There is a dormitory and a canteen on the premises for a comfortable living and studying at MSTU campus. Moreover, MSTU cadets are provided with apparel and full board (three times a day).

You are welcome to join various clubs and students associations: drummers ensemble, vocal studio, young polar scientists association, etc.

6. International Activities

MSTU offers a number of exchange and short-term mobility programmes and an opportunity to participate in international projects as a researcher, or to volunteer and attend international events.

There is International Cooperation Department ready to help what comes to your adaptation to new environment.

7. MSTU is one of the northernmost technical universities in Russia

Its uniqueness is due to location beyond the Polar Circle and being the border region with the Republic of Finland and the Kingdom of Norway.

Today, the Murmansk Region is a stable and dynamically developing region with a positive investment climate. The regions strategical potential is determined by the ice-free deep-water port of Murmansk which is a part of the Northern Sea Route.

Murmansk region is a travel lovers popular destination: Northern Lights, slope-skiing centre Big Vudjavr, nuclear-powered icebreaker 50 Let Pobedy (50th Victory Day Anniversary), the Polar Olympics competition Festival of the North.

8. Big company partners

MSTU graduates work with such companies as Rosneft, Gazpromneft, NOVATEK, Rosgeologia, Rosatomflot, Apatit, Kola mining and metallurgical company, ship-repair yards Zvezdochka and Nerpa, EvroHim, NOREBO, which are among main partners of the university.

Updating date: 21.10.21