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“Marine Academy” Institute

  • Automation and Computer Engineering Department
  • Foreign Languages Department
  • Department of Electronic Engineering Systems and Radio Equipment
  • Navigation Department
  • Department of Ship Power Plants
  • Department of Materials Technology and Ship Repair
  • Department of Economics and Maritime Management
  • Ship Electrical Equipment Department
  • Physical Education and Sports Department

Institute of Natural Science and Technology

  • Department of Biology and Water Bioresources
  • Department of Microbiology and Biochemistry
  • Department of Food Production Technology
  • Department of Processing and Refrigerating Equipment
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Philosophy and Law
  • Botanical Garden

Institute of Arctic Technologies

  • Department of Mathematics, Information Systems and Software
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Department
  • General and Applied Physics Department
  • Department of Construction, Power Engineering and Transport
  • Department of Technical Mechanics and Engineering Graphics
  • Department of Technosphere Safety
  • Department of Electric Power Industry (on the basis of KOLENERGO branch of North-West Interregional Distributing Network Company)

Further Professional Education Institute

Maritime Training Centre

Mesiatsev Murmansk Marine Fishing College

Branches in Poliarnyi and Apatity

Arkhangelsk Fishing Technical College

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