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Mission statement

Murmansk State Technical University’s mission is to shape and apply the up-to-date system of marine and technical education to produce highly qualified workforce for the Arctic territories exploration and development.

MSTU’s strategic objectives are:

  • to strive for innovative knowledge and technology to increase the national capacity in processing resources of the World Ocean, the Russian Arctic and to boost competitiveness of the primary sectors of the regional economy
  • to conduct basic and applied research within priority areas hand in hand with the study process to address urgent social and economic challenges of the state and region
  • to develop international cooperation in the areas of expertise
  • to accumulate, preserve and enhance civil, cultural and scientific values among the university students so that they could develop their ability to succeed in the modern democratic society

Education and Research Priorities:

  • Study of geophysical processes in the Arctic
  • Aquatic resources and aquaculture
  • Navigation, commercial fishing fleet and its maintenance
  • Chemistry, ecology, environment and life safety
  • UAV technologies and Smart city

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