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Students Life

Student's life is the most fascinating and exciting time. It's time to meet new people, create new ideas, achieve new goals; students have a chance to express themselves, vary their life, find friends and get fresh impressions! MSTU provides an opportunity for everyone to find an activity to one's own liking and gain unforgettable experience of creativity.

All our professional instructors are ready to help students achieve best results and get new impressions from participating in different concerts, competitions and festivals.

Drama Studio

Is there anyone who has never dreamt to be on the stage as a child? Many of our students do, and there is a chance for you to try acting too at the university theatre club

Pop Music Band

Pop music is the best known genre of music nowadays, and our students have achieved a lot in the art of singing. The repertoire includes songs both in Russian and foreign languages. If you like singing and would like to perform on stage, welcome to the university Pop Music Band!

Drummers Ensemble

This group of drum rhythms enthusiasts is a university brand identity. No important event can do without the magnificent parade of the young drummers dressed in special bright uniform and marching in a synchronized manner. Just join and you'll also be infected by drum beats!

We look forward to meeting everyone who is not indifferent to art in our creative team! And we welcome those who have not joined any of the university clubs as spectators at our various events! Follow our updates on the university site and online social networks, look for our events posters on bulletin boards of your faculties and institutes.

Updating date: 30.10.19