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Key Dates

1950 — Murmansk Higher Marine School is founded. It includes Navigation Faculty and Marine Engineering Faculty.

1956 — The first building of the university campus is constructed.

1967 — Electrical Engineering Faculty becomes part of MHMS.

1968 — The Department of Postgraduate Studies is established.

1969 — Murmansk Higher Marine School becomes Murmansk Higher Engineering Marine School (MHEMS).

1971 — First international students (from Asia and Africa) are enrolled at Marine Engineering Faculty.

1975 — Murmansk Higher Engineering Marine School is awarded the honorary name of Lenin Komsomol.

1980 — Faculty of Fish Products Technology is created.

1991 — MHMES becomes the owner of the tall ship “Sedov”.

1992 — Murmansk Higher Marine Engineering School is reorganized and gets a new name — Murmansk State Fishing Fleet Academy (MSFFA). This enables the establishment of “non-marine” faculties.

1993 — The new development strategy is adopted. MSFFA is aimed at training students for new industry sectors, apart from the marine sector.

1994 — Murmansk Marine College is created and becomes a unit of Murmansk State Fishing Fleet Academy.

1995 — Marine Engineering Faculty and Electrical Engineering Faculty are accredited by London International Royal Institute of Marine Engineers. Their certificates are acknowledged in Europe.

1996 — Murmansk State Fishing Fleet Academy is reorganized into Murmansk State Technical University. Its education and research areas broaden. The University branch in Apatity is created together with Kola Science Center of Russian Academy of Sciences.

1997 — Faculty of Finance is established.

1998 — Faculty of Law is established.

2000 — Faculty of World Economy and International Relations is established.

2002 — Faculty of Biology is established. MSTU Marine Academy is founded. It includes Navigation Faculty, Marine Engineering Faculty and Faculty of Advanced Training. Electrical Engineering Faculty is reorganized into Polytechnic Faculty. Faculty of Management and Economics and Faculty of Finance merge into Faculty of Economics.

2003 — MSTU joins the Bologna Process.

2005 — Distance Learning Institute is founded.

2006 — President’s Retraining Program is launched at MSTU for small and medium business managers as well as managers of public enterprises with practical training in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and other European countries.

2007 — The University Board of Trustees is created including representatives of Regional Construction Department, Housing Service and Utilities, the city administration and leading companies.

2010 — MSTU celebrates the 60th anniversary.

2011 — Tall ship «Sedov» celebrates its 90th anniversary.

2017 — MSTU changes its jurisdiction to the Russian Ministry of Education and Science

2017 — Tall ship «Sedov» is handed over to Kaliningrad State Technical University

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