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MSTU in brief

foto of the rector

Acting Rector
Professor Maria Knyazeva

Murmansk State Technical University is one of the oldest higher education institutions on the Kola Peninsula. Its history began in 1950, and in the year 2010 the University celebrated the 60-th anniversary.

MSTU was founded as Murmansk Higher Marine School which had to provide the rapidly growing fishing fleet with the top-level staff. This was a very special institution that had no rivals in the USSR and in the whole world, and we are very proud to be their successors. The name has been changed several times and finally transformed into Murmansk State Technical University, which is nowadays one of the biggest and most important educational centers in the High North of Russia.

Being the leader in the Murmansk Region higher education, MSTU has 6 institutes, 2 faculties and 3 universitywide departments training students in 28 areas. In a world where change is the norm, knowledge has become the key resource that is highly needed in Russia and around the globe. Our main goal is to provide all industry sectors with highly-skilled employees valued both for their deep knowledge, and for their ability to study, communicate and face challenges.

Apart from the teaching activities, the University carries out very intensive research and unites students, PhD students, lecturers and researchers. This work is determined by the region’s geographical position and its mineral resources. We are conducting scientific research in oil and gas sphere, heat power engineering, microbiology and biochemistry. In addition, MSTU is supervised by the Federal Fisheries Agency, which makes combining university research and fishing industry one of the key tasks.

International cooperation is also considered to be a very important area, and MSTU has established close contacts with educational institutions and international funds from Scandinavia, the USA, France, Holland, Iceland, Poland and Ukraine. The University develops joint study and research programmes and values cooperation with the foreign companies Statoil and Total.

There have been a lot of changes during the last 60 years, but our goal has remained the same. MSTU is aimed at training professional fishing fleet personnel and competitive employees for t he region’s labour market. At the same time we are very ambitious to become the regional training center to operate in the Arctic and produce its natural resources. 60 years is the period of youth, development and making new plans. We have gained good teaching experience and created technical facilities which give opportunities for the rapid and steady progress.

No matter who you are – a student, staff member or visitor – welcome to our website that will assist you in forming an image of our goals and ambitions. Browse these pages to learn about MSTU community and interact with it!

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